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Sessions | Kabbalistic reading of the electromagnetic field

A magnetic resonance of the Soul that offers a broad vision and deepens the process of self-knowledge allowing you to observe your own development at a Soul level.

What is a


Prior to our appointment I draw a pictogram of your electromagnetic field using my clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities. The information obtained from the electromagnetic field surrounding your being includes the energy field of the heart, the sanctuary of the spirit and the wisdom of the soul. This information is poured into the 10 dimensions of the tree of psychological life of Kabbalah depicted by the pictogram.

The reading of the Kabbalistic pictogram of the electromagnetic field is a powerful tool of self-knowledge and awareness that also acts as an anchor mechanism of the revealed energies and intuitively communicates to how to reposition the unbalanced energies as awakens intuition and connects with the soul that guides us in the process of change.

The psychological tree of life of the Kabbalah gives us a solid structure we are able to place the information in each of the different dimensions of life, through keywords and understandable language so you can integrate information into our daily lives and have a vision of how to generate necessary change. This method combines the structure of mind and language with the breadth and depth of intuition and non-verbal communication.

It brings to light the information that constitutes the memories of the self, the book of our past (if necessary), as well as the energy that leads to the preparation of our future in the present moment.

The Session

What can I expect?

  • A digital copy of your personal  Cabalistic Pictorgam of the electromagnetic field.
  • Pictogram reading, interpretation and suggestions to rebalance energies and integrate information into your daily life.
  • Answer to your questions at the end of the reading.
  • A copy of the session audio.
Within 24 hours of your booking you will receive an e-mail with the dates available for your consultation. For costs in other currencies write to

Kabbalistic Reading and Pictogram of the Electromagnetic field

USD $ 110.00

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