Private sound healing Session

Your Soul’s Wisdom

The brain has the ability to connect with energies and information that are beyond the individual’s scope. This Sound Healing session aims to connect us to a vast field of information that goes outside our usual perceptions of time and space. Making room for communication with our soul and divinity.

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How does it work?

Sound acts on an area of the brain known to physiologists as the Third Ventricle. Ventricles are openings in the brain. These ventricular openings receive an important type of fluid that circulates through the spinal column. It is called cerebrospinal fluid and has a huge impact on the function and performance of the brain. The yogis and yoginis of ancient India also knew about the Third Ventricle, but called it Brahma’s Cave

In this session, the mind’s logical processes are reduced, allowing us to access deeper intuitive levels of consciousness through symbols, phrases, or visions. We will obtain information from a high level of consciousness about any situation in our life. Thus, we bring to our daily lives answers that are not readily available in our usual state of mind.

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