Spiritual Mediumship Consultation

I employ mediumship or psychic abilities to establish a connection with you and your inner self, allowing me to perceive and visualize events beyond time, emotions and energies that influence your present and may define your future.

Spiritual Mediumship consultation

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Private sound healing session

In this personal and intimate journey, you will experience the connection to a vast field of information that transcends our usual perceptions within time and space through the sounds collected from ancient Kabbalistic meditations. Giving way to communication with our Soul and divine-self..

Private Sound Healing Session

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About me

My work has emerged from over 15 years of deep soul search, spiritual initiations, mentors and study and practice of various spiritual disciplines. I also have imparted more than 40 group workshops throughout Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Czech) and Mexico. Along with more than 500 individual sessions in different countries.

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