Integrate your divine-self

Experience your divinity in your daily without intermediaries. Live a happy and purposeful life.


Programme September 2021

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Applied Spirituality

A whole new programme that will guide and take you on a path of self-discovery and personal growth and at your own pace and wherever you are with the prerecorded session. Moreover, a Q&A weekly live session is available to answer your questions and to be part of the community that partakes on this journey.

Programme: Integrating your divine-self

A full programme designed to learn and incorporate your divine-self in your everyday life.

Embodying your Soul means, integrating your physical reality (visible) and the divine or spiritual (invisible) realms. This programme is structured base on the Psychological Tree of Life according to the Cabala of the Jewish mysticism. In this way we will journey through each of the dimensions of the human experience and its transcendence beyond time and space.

Through this journey we will contact and connect with the consciousness of unity that will helps us bring peace and love with ourselves and hence to the world around us.

What people say

David’s intuitive guidance and during my healing session, felt like a tonic to my nervous system. I am feeling a dramatic shift within myself and those around me. His work dives deep into the soul level where I clearly recognized as my truth, there is a profound resonance. My deepest gratitude to you!

Pamela, Maine, USA

About me

My work has emerged from over 15years of deep soul search, spiritual initiations, mentors and study and practice of various spiritual disciplines. I also have imparted more than 40 group workshops throughout Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Czech Rep.) and Mexico. Along with more than 500 individual sessions in different countries.